This WordPress site shows the development of Little Greyton an interactive narrative for a touch screen device. Little Greytons Games Design Document was written for Semster 1, Year 2 for WSA Games Design & Art.

Official Website  and Facebook Page or Play Here

Play Little Greyton: here

Weekly Breakdown

Contains a mix of posts from different Categories (see Categories below) and is organised on a weekly basis.

Category: Reflective Journal

Regular blog like posts talking about the work I am doing, team meetings and reflections on how the projects is going and how to move the work forwards.

The Reflective Journal is split into two categories:

Category: Narrative

Development of the narrative and script, this constitutes the bulk of the game play before building the files in Unity.

Category: Research

Useful links, articles and some experimentation on Interactive Narratives and other elements which make up Little Greyton.

Category: Feedback

Notes on what people have thought when playing Little Greyton and how this has impacted the game, you can also find feedback within the Unity posts.

Category: Unity

Building, making and debugging the playable version of Little Greyton, made in Unity.

Category: Workshop’s

Other work done during the semester such as 3D modelling and coding workshops.