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Board Game Exhibition


Last Friday the Games Design & Art students lured wiling victims into the Graphics building with the prospect of playing new board games. The rattle of dice filled the corridor as I made my way towards the hack lab expectant to see what they had created. As I entered I found the first year students hovering nervously by their games hoping someone would turn up and play them.

Sitting down to read the instructions for a dice game, I remembered back to last year where it was me in their shoes, worried that no one would be able to understand the rules and the whole event to be a disaster. But just like last year the laughter and enjoyment of the room testified to the great design happening here at WSA.

With the course growing from 12 students to 24 the diversity of games has grown as well. It didn’t matter if you were a board games noob or master, there was something for everyone. The event was a perfect for catching up with some friends, enjoying some snacks and drinks and playing some initiative board games. Not to be missed for next year.


EDIT : see post here on the WSA wordpress 



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